1)The Mask (The Fog)

The Mask The summer before 9th grade is when the fog became real. Let me tell you a piece of how reality came crashing down on me. But remember I was already wearing a mask before I realize I created this fog. Grace Rose comes from a loving family, which meant well, most of the... Continue Reading →

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Guidelines. Thank you Outsiders!

Thank you to all the new Outsiders that have joined An Outsider's Way recently!! I also want to thank those who have shared a story with all of us, it means the world! Together we can share our worlds and together we can change it. Interested in sharing a story? We always look forward to... Continue Reading →

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We Unite

https://youtu.be/czfIk6rWjds Once and for All. I must say I LOVE the Newsies movie and story. Uniting through written words. Joining together and standing up for something that is just. Inspiration spills over every word I hear and I can't help but smile and think I want to join others together through written worlds. This is... Continue Reading →

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Even when you can’t see it…

I walk outside at night and I automatically look to the sky. Most of the time I see beauty, but sometimes I see darkness. The moon overhead brightens my mood, reminding me that life is never simple, we change every day. The stars scattered across the sky allow me to remember without all those pieces... Continue Reading →

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Dancing in the Rain

https://youtu.be/4N4pYRmexY4 When the darkening clouds finally release the built-up pressure from within, washing the ground below. Relieving it from the muck that constantly builds upon it each day. Trying to consume it, layer by thickening layer, behind blind eyes. As it tries to suffocate the last of its beauty. Embracing the newfound clarity allowing you... Continue Reading →

D.L. Blade

D.L. Blade grew up in Southern Cali and now residing in Colorado. The author of The Chosen Coven series which can be found on Amazon!  She found my weakness with her answer of "Why I Write" posted below. If you read Under the Willow you would understand! "I love to read, but my mind often... Continue Reading →

Lana Campbell

I asked my author friends why they write, I did received some great answers, but I could only choose one for this week and the winner was Lana! Lana Campbell "I write because it’s a passion that consumes me. There is a story of love and redemption in every book I write that I hope will... Continue Reading →

Secret Garden

Throughout life, at some point, you may feel defeated.  Worrying about what is on the surface, while forgetting what is still rooted underneath. Hidden within, forever growing, a life of peaceful wonder, gathering strength while waiting for you to finally see. A little wilted but still very much alive.   Stop for a moment and... Continue Reading →

Shattered Glass

When that mirror, you carefully hand over, reflects the future, yet you didn't stop long enough to see what else may be reflecting within, waiting to be seen. I know. I always have. Even if you believed each piece of glass that dropped was unseen. I caught on, each time a window shattered and you... Continue Reading →

Bonus) The Chess Game (The Fog)

Bonus story: the chess game  Growing up is a whirlwind of dramatized teen emotions. Situations you have never dealt with before, and others you never thought were bad, until they were. Superheroes tend to fade and fairy-tales slowly dwindle to the bottom of your mind. Emotional roller-coasters, of time, fly by and for the lucky... Continue Reading →

Why I Write- Don

This note was left on my Facebook page by one of my new friends. This is why I write, this is why I do not give up expressing myself and trying to reach others to join me on An Outsider's Way. Because you never know when you will reach someone and they will connect with... Continue Reading →

11)Manipulations Deadly Toll (The Fog)

Manipulations Deadly Toll This is my life within the fog. I lived stories I may have never discovered if not for the roads I once traveled. I learned strength from the struggles I followed which seemed like dead-ends at the time. I survived the helpless nights and emotionless days, moments hidden-away to fog reality, telling... Continue Reading →

10)EXHALE and BREATHE (The Fog)

EXHALE and BREATHE Just so you know I am fully awake and conscious, but that is not to say the fog didn’t mess with my mind as I slept last night. I found myself doing a simple task that didn’t take much concentration to do, and as you know your mind tends to wander when... Continue Reading →

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