The Fog

  The summer before 9th grade is when the fog became real. Let me tell you a piece of how reality came crashing down on me. But remember I was already wearing a mask before I realize I created this fog. Grace Rose comes from a loving family, which meant well, most of the time.... Continue Reading →

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Music with Different Meanings

    Today I chose my first ever Cassette Tape from when I was younger (around 92') for my Music post. Soul Asylum- Grave Dances Union. The first cassette tape I ever bought with my own money. The music pulled me in, I listened to it all day in my Walkman. Runaway Train was one... Continue Reading →

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Once upon a book

In the midst of winter when the sky is dark and the clouds cover the stars and moon. You look for something to share with the outsiders of your life, but with bedtime closing in and working on your stories just won’t do you turn off the electronics and lay the children to bed. Cover... Continue Reading →

Why I Write- John

I write because it allows me to get all the beautiful worlds I see every day and night out of my mind. I have been blessed since a child with a huge imagination. I had an abused childhood and it also gave me a world to escape from the trials of my day to day... Continue Reading →


  I look to the stars on the darkest nights. Allowing my heart to clear. Knowing that I am not alone. But wishing that someone would affirm, the thoughts of confusion  running through my head, are just bumps in the path to what I may become. -An Outsider

The Fog-Hidden Destruction

The fog started a long time ago, in a different world, a life time away. The fog was indestructible, it came as it was needed. Each case was different, yet everything was the same. The fog masked the worlds pain, it hid the troubles of those who were suffering inside. It found these souls that... Continue Reading →


Once strong and new. Destructible I was not. Time wears thin, emotional storms rage, yet I still stand. Under the surface behind closed walls I slowly crumble. Hoping for all hope to be renewed before another storm hits. I can no longer hide as I fall to the earth in a heap of stories, not... Continue Reading →

Heron of your Life

 I have always watched birds and snapped shots with my camera, but my interest in knowing more wasn't there until two years ago when I moved close to a duck pond. This is when I started bird watching and slowly looking up what birds I saw. Thanks to my mom I now had a bird... Continue Reading →


Perfect Christmas Story by Gloria Bringe -My Inked Stained Fingers

My Ink Stained Fingertips

cranberryThe gift is wrapped in bright cranberry red, with a white ribbon bow that was obviously tied by human hands.  It looks all the more fantastical for it.

It’s my first.

My first real gift.

I can’t believe it.  After the years of work in the North Pole, crafting and wrapping and double-checking labels, I never really thought about what it would feel like to receive a gift.  Especially not one from a human.

Now I’m holding it, and it’s an easy weight in my hands that makes me shiver with giddy excitement. 

Jenna gave it to me, she was the first human to accept me as her crazy and peculiar friend after I left the workshop for adventure.  She thinks it’s funny when my eyes get wide after seeing something new.  She loves pulling me from place to place, pointing out her favorite things and answering my thousands of…

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Dragons turned to Dragonflies

"The day came where Dragons were turned to Dragonflies in order to share their magic with those that needed a reminder to live life." -Patricia Dragonflies have caught my eye for about two years now, but other than the mesmerizing way they flew I didn't think much about it. I find it interesting as I... Continue Reading →

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